Captioned Videos Share Holiday Message about Senior Isolation

During the holiday season of good will, visiting with lonely or isolated seniors makes a difference, and marketing is doing its part to bring the message to forefront.

Older woman walks down hallway alone, expression of suffering on her face.
What is it like to age in isolation? There’s a way to learn if you don’t know: ask someone who’s living it. (license)

According to the “American Community Survey Reports on Older Americans With a Disability,” “During 2008–2012, 29.9 percent of the older population with a disability lived alone, [and] 9.2 percent lived in group quarters, such as a nursing home…”

Number 39
Percent of elders with disabilities who live alone or in nursing homes. (license)

With 39 percent of our elders with disabilities in America living without family, and more without disabilities living alone, the country has an elder crisis with loneliness, and advertisers worldwide are addressing it.

According to the John Lewis Partnership of the United Kingdom’s website, “1 million older people go for a month without speaking to anyone.”

They’ve posted a captioned holiday video about a young woman on earth who sees a senior man on the moon and attempts to communicate with him.

Just when you thought you didn’t have time to share the holiday with family, this brief, German tearjerker holiday video might change your mind.

Chinese man eats food at table alone in restaurant.
Eating a holiday meal alone can make isolation seem worse for members of our senior population. (license)

When family calls and cancels Christmas for Grandpa, they get unexpected results.

The end of the video has a German message that can benefit us all: Zeit Heimzukommen,  which they translate as “Time to come home.”

If you don’t know anyone who needs company, nursing homes house many seniors who don’t receive visitors. Legacy Project has posted suggestions for visiting nursing homes.

Man has light shining down on him while he performs on stage.
On this week’s calendar: YOU. (license)

Don’t be surprised if you are a celebrity. According to the website, “Since visitors may be rare, the activities director will probably put your visit on the calendar of events so that residents can look forward to it.

Holiday Gift Ideas with Free Shipping for People with Deafness, Hearing Loss, and Interpreters

Presents under a Christmas tree.
Have you found some unique gifts for your loved ones with deafness or hearing loss?

Harris Communications offers many products for individuals with hearing loss. Currently, the company offers free shipping.

Harris Communications has provided a holiday gift guide, including the following gift guides:

Girl with Christmas tree lights behind her.
Products with lights offer alternatives to products that might otherwise have sound, such as fire alarms and phones.

Gift ideas include bed shakers–which now work with cell phones and have many options, light on cell phone signalers, new devices with different light signals for different sounds, assisted listening devices, amplified or TTY  phones, and also includes items such as apparel, rugs, keychains, drinkware, and jewelry. They also have products for interpreters. sells more refined jewelry, apparel, home decor, and games. Novel items include:

Two boys stand in front of Hanukkah candles.
This season is a time to show our loved ones how much we care with thoughtful ways of showing our love and acceptance.

Both companies offer ASL books and videos.