Want to Advocate for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Access Needs?

Black and white picture of hand breaking through paper, maybe an art canvas.
Join us to help educate others about the Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Deafblind communities. photo credit: A criatura da mão via photopin (license)

Do you want others to know about access needs for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind communities?

Are you Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deafblind?

Are you a parent, advocate, or organization that wants improved communication access for those with hearing loss and deafness?

Are you a business or organization wanting to learn more about communication access?

Sign Shares, Inc./International and The Capsule Group invite you to share your stories at future Focus Groups.

To be placed on our email list, send an email to info@signshares.com.

Houston Women with Disabilities Empowerment Fair Coming Soon

Houston skyline at night shows many skyscrapers.
Join women of all abilities for art and empowerment at the Women with Disabilities Empowerment Fair this April. photo credit: Houston Skyline Pano via photopin (license)

The Houston Center for Independent Living, CROWD Center for Research on Women with Disabilities,
and Maria Palacios will host the Women with Disabilities Empowerment Fair on Saturday, April 23 from 12:00 Noon-6:30 p.m. in Houston. Admission is free.

The event highlights women artists with disabilities and offers workshops.

This year’s theme is “Learning From Each Other: The Power Of Peer Support & Collective Empowerment.”

The workshops are:

  • “Sharing The Power”–Women role models with disabilities share their strength, their advocacy, theory journey and their dreams,
  • “The Woman In The Mirror”–a discussion about body image, self esteem, love and relationships,
  • “Awakening Our Inner Child”–a session of fun, laughter and ridiculous activities that make your inner child come out and have fun.

The event has health screenings, art, books, jewelry, crafts, candles, music, door prizes, and more.The event will be held at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center at 1475 West Gray, Houston, Texas 77019.

For more information, to reserve a booth or to volunteer, email empowermentfair@gmail.com .